So, I see a lot of these posts all over the beauty blogging world, and although I am not quite a fully fledged member yet, I thought I'd have a little go!
The bag in question is one I stole from my sister - a genuine beautiful but battered Marc Jacobs that I found for her on eBay for one of her birthdays, going cheap because the handles were breaking.  2 years down the line, and the handles are still very much intact, so a marvellous £20 bargain there!  I hope she doesn't see this post and ask for it back...
Next are the contents from the big pocket inside my handbag - although be warned, things do not stay in pockets or in their place, I have an issue with losing things!
First off is a new purchase (hurriedly bought before I enforced my spending ban!), my pink retractable powder brush from Ms Makeup, which I believe one can find in Boots, however, luck was on my side this day and I picked up for a mere £2 after spotting it whilst passing a market make-up stall.  Absolute bargain, but I have yet to use it for my touch ups.  Next to that we have some cheap Boots eye make-up remover pads - to be honest not really sure why I have these here as I always remove my eye make-up with cotton pads and remover (Simple, if anyone's interested), but I suppose they come in handy when my hands are colourful from swatching products whilst shopping, especially if I'm wearing white!  Or perhaps they're there just in case I need to take off my make up to do it again?  Possible you know.  MAC Select Sheer pressed powder in NC35for touch ups is next, and in front of that, for no apparent reason: some chewing gum!  No apparent reason because I never chew gum.  Confused face.  Black hair tie just in case I get grumpy and huffy and puffy and need to put my hair up, and in the middle of the hair tie, a Werther's Original!  Just because I love sweeties! To the left of those, the usual of 2 hair grips, a 5p that's obviously gotten lost and my mother's USB stick.  Again, confused face.
This is exceptionally peculiar, but in my small inside pocket I found my iPod dock remote control.  Did i think I could use it out and about? Oh and a penny.
Beautiful Leather gloves from my sister.

Now we're onto hand sanitiser - I'm sure I have millions of these floating around, but I grabbed this whilst passing it the other day, as it was down to 70p at Boots!  The little chubby black stick next to it is also a boots product, meant to be rubbed on your feet where you think they'll rub against your shoes - the premise is that it 'silkens' your foot, and no rubbing, hence no blisters, occur: it works.  Fresh mint breath spray was picked up from Savers because I saw it whilst I was in the queue and thought ooooo that's cheap, and next to that, the leftover hair grips from a pack of 50.  Does anybody else's hair grips literally just magically vanish?!  I say, check your carpet.
Grey pen, must have made its way in from my uni bag somehow, comb for topping up my backcombing (I've never used the end bit though, is that a waste?), couple of coins, another hairgrip and my last Boots and Savers receipts

 This is my purse.  I love it. One day I'll do a post on it, but for now, its patent black, with stitched roses, is by Steve Madden and I found it whilst rummaging in TK Maxx for £14.99
 My carry around make up bag - it's actually a WHSmith pencil case.  I'll show you what's in here verrrrrry soon.
And lastly, an oil based perfume in White Musk - actually smells like a 'heady' rose, and an inhaler because occasionally I have asthma!  It's special though, my inhaler - if you hold the label next to a light source it charges itself up and glows in the dark!

And finally we're done!  I think the moral of this post is I need to downsize.  But I don't think I will!
Love A.x
p.s. I think it's bedtime!