I hope you have all had a very happy New Year and welcome to my first blog post of 2012, hopefully it is to be one of many, many posts this year!

I am in a terribly lazy mood, but will try to rectify that tomorrow, but as a little teaser of posts to come, here is a picture - albeit rather terribly shot on my BB camera, in a hurry on Christmas Day - of my Christmas Presents!
 L-R: Kindle! Limited Edition Alice In Wonderland Book, Sleek Eyebrow Kit in Dark, Christian Lacroix Sleeping Beauty Book, Dior Forever Foundation in 031, Day to Page Filofax Refills 2012.  I will be doing more in-depth reviews on most of these bit and pieces!

New year's to me to is a bit of an odd one - at first it fills me with hope and thoughts of self-improvement and new beginnings etc etc. (clich├ęd I know!), but as the year progresses- and bear in mind it is only day 2 of 366! - it starts to slightly depress me!  Already this is day 2 of 2 where I have done NO exercise whatsoever, and is also day 2 of 2 where I have ridiculously procrastinated over two essays I have due for my Eng Lit Masters: one due Monday coming, and one the Monday after!  And I am pretty sure that instead of going to the library tomorrow I shall bury myself in my duvet and watch films all day (although I believe the amazing films that have been on throughout the festive period will draw to an end soon!).  Today I watched my sky-plussed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince followed by The Borrowers, only to find that when my Sky+ Box stopped playing The Borrowers, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone was playing on ITV! Ah what a lazy life I have lead today!  I am also contemplating buying the HP Boxset, however, I am not meant to spend any money this money OOOH the dilemmas!  To add to this, I am now under a blanket half lying down, half sitting in my bed, watching Channel 4's Mash-Up, which I have to say I am enjoying immensely!

Despite breaking almost all of my resolutions already (Oopsie!) I have decided just to list them here anyways, so that in a year's time I can look back at it and think Oh My Goodness!
1.  Do some kind of exercise everyday during January - as any amount of exercise is better than what I do now!- in the hope that I get into some kind of routine that I can continue for the rest of the year
2.  Be nice! I sometimes just forget to be nice - not that I am horrid, but I just forget to be nice!
3.  Don't spend any money in January.  This is part of a long-term resolution to generally stop spending money, as I am a shopaholic!

So that is all for today monkeys!
Hopefully I'll get myself in gear and see you back here tomorrow!

Love A.x
p.s. title from Jay Sean 2012!