Hola Munchkins!
Hair care is something that I've really only just gotten into properly - my hair has more or less (apart from dry shampoo) taken care of itself.  But since I've super-ombred the bottom of my hair to a serious blonde, it NEEDS care. Constantly dehydrated, always getting tangled, I have now tried more or less the whole of the hair care section in Boots, and the new Schwarzkopf Ultime range is actually the creme de la creme of all that I have tried.  
What actually drew me in was 1) Claudia Schiffer and her super-blonde hair and 2) the 3 for £10 offer in Boots! I have to be honest and say I wasn't expecting much, but this range is now my ultimate - so much so that I will be going back to repurchase the entire range!  First of all, we have from left to right - the Shine Spray, The Illuminating Oil, and the Hair Mask.  Now, I adore the mask - you literally leave it on for one minute on wet hair, and it does the ultimate hydration and softening treatment on my wild mane.  Leave it on for longer and you see even more of a result - shiny, soft, soft hair.  The Oil is absolutely lovely - I was actually using a L'oreal Ever Riche Oil, but found it to be more of a superficial oil, rather than one that actually treated the hair.  This one act to work deeper within the hair, and is so much more noticeable, and is perfect for blonder hair as it brings out the tones and highlights so much more - creating a healthy, 3-d look.  I use this on wet, damp and dry hair - it is perfection. The Shine Spray is a lovely finishing spray that really does add shine and light to the hair. All together, these have really helped the condition and colour of my hair, and the smell is to die for - completely exotic and spa-like.
Much love, Ani x