Hola Munchkins!
I have a love affair with an EX1 foundation - it is to die for.  As you may or may not know, I have a LOT of yellow in my skin, and this makes it very hard to get a perfect colour match. Adding to the mix that many match me much darker than I actually am, EX1 was a particularly brilliant brand for me to try, and the colour is wonderful.  Soooo, like the little hoarder I am, I chose to haul these products:
So, we have the Pure Crushed Minerals in M200 - this is a lovely mid-coverage foundation, with perfect amounts of yellow. However, it is slightly too dark for me, making me look like a very dusky, tropical, bronzed beauty - so, I will be saving this for summer, whilst also buying the M100.  Now, onto the Delete Concealers. These come in 3 colours - myself and my sister already have the mid colour, so I had the GENIUS idea of buying the lightest and darkest for highlighting and contouring purposes, only as luck would have it, the lightest colour is perfect on me as a concealer, and the dark isn't hugely dark! However, they are beautiful concealers, that I loooooove.
So those are my first impressions, and I love the products!
Love, Ani x