Hola Munchkins!
There have been some products - the Quick Fix face masks - that I observed in Tesco a few months ago, but that flitted out of my mind as quickly as they flitted in.  The other day, whilst wondering the aisles of Boots as one does, I happened to see them on offer for £3 each, and lo and behold, somehow I seem to have the entire set.  Today I share with you my current three faves that have been making up my current triple threat facial.
These are 100% my faves at the moment, and they comprise of the Calming Clay mask, which both soothes and deep cleanses, the Brightening Peel Mask, which is a peel-off mask for a lovely, bright skin tone, and the Mega Moisture Gel Mask which is intensely nourishing and seems to just really breathe life into the skin.
So, let's start with the red one - the Calming Clay Mask.  Perfect for over-sensitised skins, or skin that just won't behave itself, it contains aloe vera to reduce inflammation and add moisture, Chamomile to sooth and calm sensitivities, and Rose to help constrict any broken capillaries.  This mask, as stated, is clay - but in a much lighter way, with a more mousse-y texture to it.  In no way does it feel like it is going to smother your face, stop it from breathing, or suck the moisture from your visage, and actually aids in cooling the skin.  After 5 or 10 minutes, I remove with a hot flannel, and skin is baby soft and generally calmer looking.
The Blue one next - the Brightening Peel Mask.  Now, I wasn't actually expecting this to be an actual peel-off mask, but it is, and that surprise was a lovely one! This one contains Papaya to exfoliate, Mulberry to even the skin tone and Goji Berry for energy and radiance. This one was such fun - cooling instantly, and then the peel-off to reveal truly brightened skin! Perfect for a mid-week pick-me-up.
Lastly the Pink one - the Mega Moisture Gel Mask.  This suits my dehydrated skin to a Tee!  Hyularonic Acid for deep hydration, Vitamin E for antioxidants that help skin's condition, and Marina Collagen for moisture and elasticity.  This is literally a hug in a pink tube. Skin feels cosseted and comforted, and doesn't aggravate my oily skin.  This is the perfect anytime boost for healthy-looking, plump skin. 
Altogether, these three masks have actually beaten any high-end triple threat facial that I have done, and as such, have already earned a place in my holy grail/ forever repurchased products.
Love always, Ani x