Hola Munchkins!
Oftentimes, I switch between products like an actual mad woman - it is that make-up and skincare junkie thing where one thinks there is always something better to come along.  Unusually, this is more or less the only pink blush I use, and testament to how much I love it is the fact that I have hit pan on it - something that I more or less never do.
Blush Exclusif uses pH technology to adjust it to what should be your perfect pink, and despite my initial doubts, I must say this little gem never fails to please me, or suit whatever make up look I go for.  As you can see in the above pictures, it has been well love - pan is now showing, and it will be one of those products I will never be without. Creating  a perfect flush of pink that can be sheered out, or built out as much as you like, this little gem is wonderful.
Much love, Ani x