So I recently blogged about my love for Dior Forever, and my love has in no way waned! But I love the alchemy of mixing all different foundations to make an even better foundation - a super-charged SUPER foundation! My previous fave foundation was MAC Matchmaster in 4.0 - what I really loved about this foundation was the way it adapts to your skin, has good coverage and leaves your skin matte but fresh. So I decided to use this as my first pump of foundation that I massage into the skin with my hands.
L-R: ELF Powder Brush, MAC Matchmaster 4.0, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum 53, Dior Forever 31, Sigma F82
Now, I recently bought the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in 55, which ended up being too dark for my skin, but I adored the silky texture and finish - and let's be honest, I'm a sucker for anything with supposed skincare benefits!  So, on a trip to Tesco with the mother I picked up shade 53, which I can get away with, BUT I do feel sometimes it looks a tad light for me, and nooooobody wants real-life ghost face (btw, why is it so hard to find shade 54?!).  I therefore, for no reason, decided to mix it with a pump of my Dior, and whaddya know?  It made the Dior even more perfect! As if I ever thought that could happen!  I put a pump of each on the back of my hand, mix with my finger, use the finger to spread it sporadically on my face, then use my trusty F82 to stipple, stipple, stipple - quick dry off on a tissue - then buff, buff, buff!  But now, for a NEW step in my routine!!!! I purchased the ELF Powder brush a looooong time ago, but couldn't get it to work with powders, but the other day, whilst contemplating purchasing an F80 that I couldn't really afford, I remembered this little brush, and after the above foundation routine, used it to buff my foundation even further into my skin!  And OMG the results were just amazing - not only did my skin look perfect but somehow, the brush stays entirely clean!! 
So that is the update on my foundation routine - I hope maybe you'll consider sampling either one of all of the foundations I mentioned, they are fabulous together and alone!
Love A.x
A face is too slight a foundation for happiness.
Mary Wortley