Rihanna Nails
Its been a fair while since I've given myself a bright nail - winter has consisted mostly of nudes and dark reds.  However when rummaging through my nail polish collection to create What's My Name Rihanna-style nails (Essie's Lapis of Luxury see above), I came across a bright barbie-pink Rimmel London Lycra Pro in 293 Pop Rose, the type I used to alternate with my favourite ever shade of dark red nail polish whilst I was at uni.  And I thought go on then, do it! So I did - with a little twist!

I love the accent ring finger type nail, mostly because I like my ring finger nail the best: I find it easy to shape and the least likely to break!  Many of you may recognise the glitter colour as Pink Fizz by Model's Own: it is my absolute fave colour (or shared fave colour!), and I would quite happily paint all my fingers and toes with it!  Except..it has one MAJOR drawback.  It takes me literally my whole life to remove it!  Even using cotton pads, artificial nail remover and foil! So as such, for now it has been relegated to ring-finger status.  Sad times!  This is the only polish I have from Rimmel Lycra Pro, but what I absolutely love about this is the ease of application due to the maxi brush.  Also, in terms of wear time, in the picture above I have had this on since Friday evening, and it is now Wednesday night, there is a tiny bit of wear on the nail tips, but this is expected - but I know that this will last me over a week if I left it on.  I will probably do a seperate post on the Pink Fizz just because I adore it (especially if someone can recommend an extra extra extra strength nail polish remover!).

In terms of base and top coat, I picked up the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Crystal Clear in a 3 for 2 in Superdrug, and am using that as my base (my bases always seem to get used up and gloopy quickly).  Until very recently I had been using the amazing Seche Vite as a top coat, but I like to read at unusual moments, and probably after nearly a year of using it, I read the bottle and it said that it can cause reproductive problems!  So I stopped using that straight away, and am now using Sally Hansen Insta-Dry which literally takes about half a minute to be touch dry, and my nails stay polished for over a week if I wish!
The Products I Used
Hope you liked my little post!
Love A.x