Yes, I know that title isn't spelt right, but I didn't want to be rude!
As the title suggests, I LOVE foundation - I collect and collect, and then have to sell on eBay!  So, as of Christmas eve my favourite foundation was MAC Matchmaster in 4.0 (my skintone is the result of being both Sri-Lankan and Pakistani, very yellow-based like a Simpson, and generally a MAC NC37), which I discovered the minute they brought it out, and miraculously managed to snag one on eBay after a lazy person bought the wrong colour but didn't want to take it back to the store!  I will do a seperate post of Matchmaster, but as of Christmas Day, this is just leading into my new ULTIMATE obsession - Dior Forever Foundation in 031!
My Dior Forever Foundation in 031, and my little elephants. You'll probably be seeing more of them
I am in ultimate love.  My sister even said "Woah your skin looks good" and as much as we love each other - don't tell anyone I said that - we don't do compliments!  So what is it that makes me fall in love with this foundation? Firstly I am an odd colour: I have noticed that a few girls who have white, mid-toned skin use NC37, and yet, with my very obvious Asian skin I am the same colour!  I really am extremely yellow, although this is mostly seen when a foundation goes onto my skin, and I like a pretty darn good coverage!  If I don't get my base perfect at the beginning of the day, I feel like a mess within myself for the entire day!

So, I suppose I should give you the facts and figures first!  The price of this amaze-balls foundation is £29.50, so very expensive really, but I don't mind paying a lot for foundation, as I feel it is the 'investment-piece' of my make-up bag: also, try buying it when Debenhams do their 10% off Beauty - I know £3 off doesn't really seem like a lot, but its something!  What helps about this foundation is that it is readily available in Debenhams and House of Fraser, and as such, samples are available! I NEVER buy a foundation without a sample anymore - my tricky colouring has led me down many a wrong path, with both high and low end foundations - so much so that even in Boots I take a tiny pot with me to procure myself samples from the make-up stands! It comes in a beautiful square frosted-glass bottle with a pump - good hygiene practices - with a beautiful navy lid!

So, as I haven't done a foundation review before, I'll give you a little insight into how I apply it! Firstly, I always apply both a serum and a moisturiser - at the moment it's Estee Lauder Idealist, and Oilatum Face Repair, and then pump a pump of foundation onto my fingertips and massage the first pump into my skin.  I find that this allows the product to really become seamless on the skin, and the heat from my hand helps it all meld together, and plumps up the skin really well.  I then use a little concealer on any blemishes (currently alternating between Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in medium and MAC Select Moisturecover in NC35), and buff it in using either my No7 concealer brush or my amaze-balls Sigma F82 Round Top Kabuki brush - best brush EVER, and that's from someone who's got the entire Bobbi Brown Brush Collection!  Next step is to add another pump of the Dior Forever, using my fingers to apply it to the skin, and my beloved F82 to buff it in for the ultimate in seamless bases!  I then lightly powder using MAC Sheer Select pressed powder in NC35, and set using my secret weapon - Vichy Dermablend Loose Powder which is complete magic, and I will talk about soon!  Anyways, this routine provides me with full coverage foundation for around 10 hours, and my base looks perfect all day, with the exception that around 7 hours on my combo-oily skin, it does need a quick powder or blot, but even after this, it looks flawless.  The coverage is pretty much medium-full, and although mostly matte, has a slight dewiness to the finish that looks healthy as opposed to shiny! It just makes me look luminous but in a good way (matte is generally my preference, but I love this).

I think there are about 10 shades in the range, which is not too bad, but I believe very dark skins would have a problem finding a colour.  The shade 031 is perfect for my NC37 with yellow-undertones skin.  One gripe is that the beautiful lid gets fingerprinted very quickly!  It smells foundationny! There is not other word to describe it, but it is not offensive at all, in face I quite like it!  When my spending ban is over I am considering purchasing the matching powder! We shall see!

So there is my first foundation post, complete with pics! Scary stuff!
Have you tried Dior Forever? Would you like to?
Love A.x