I think not!  No ways am I using this for fire-wood!
Haha, that was a bit of a lame joke, I think I've been watching Old Bear Grylls too much!  Seriously though, me and my sister are obsessed with his daredevil ways!  Talking of which, anyone catch the Miranda and Jonathan Ross Bear Grylls Specials?  Jonathan was the best - absolutely hurt my cheeks laughing watching him try to pull of the pigeons head and ending up panickedly throwing it out of the cave!  Anyways back to my beloved Kindle!  I am a bookworm.  I realised this - I learnt to read very early - when I discovered at aged 5 I was reading way above my age (not actually bragging, just telling you my reading history!), and trying doggedly to read all the volumes of the Lord of The Rings in a week aged 11 for a book review - which btw I almost succeeded at: I only had 100 pages to go when I crashed and burned!
But as I have got older, I don't know if it is the inconvenience of holding and carrying a book - although actually I love the feel of a book - or the lack of time, or the distraction of technology, that has lead me to read less and less.  Don't get me wrong, when I do read, I absolutely love it, and of course, for my English Lit Masters, I am having to read an awful lot. Actually it was in my Bronte's class that my friend Leighan (Hi there!) introduced me to her Kindle 4, and I fell in love.  The way the page is presented on screen is exactly like a book - it is this 'essence' of book-ness that I was afraid of losing with a kindle, but it does surprisingly well to preserve it.  My sister did show me the beautiful-looking Kobo - it comes in pink, I love pink! - but, and I know I sound old when I say this, it is in colour, and it is touch-screen, and as much as I love colour (pink) and touch-screen (I have a BB torch), generally books should appear in black and white.  Unless they are fabulously illustrated editions i.e. my Christian Lacroix Sleeping Beauty, which I will take some pics of soon!
A little picture so that you can have the kindle experience!

The kindle 4 is smaller in size than most of my book collection at under 7x5inches, has an easy configuration to the buttons and page turning - which is pretty much in real-time, and feels lovely and light for when I'm lying in bed reading.  In fact, everyone I have shown my new nifty gadget to has loved it!  I have so far downloaded free books, mostly classics, as well as reduced-price The Help and Game of Thrones book 1.  But, and here is where this little kindle is becoming ever useful - it now has a web browser names 'experimental' because it is experimental, and you can either email yourself, or transfer using the computer, PDFs and Word documents, which now means I always have my CV on me!
I absolutely love my kindle, and love it even more with my soft pink cover on it - which I bought for under £5 from eBay!

Any questions, please ask!
Love A.x