So, my boots points FINALLY amounted to something. I had actually been saving for Soleil Tan de Chanel, but we all know the palaver occurring with that, so I then decided to buy Gucci Guilty Intense - I bloody love it, so sweet but sexy yum yum yum: however, on my first, and I must say last trip to Westfield Stratford, I chanced upon an Arabic perfume stall, where I purchased a couple of perfumes - one being a copy of Gucci Guilty (I shall review these soon, as they are oil based, so PERFECT for the cold-blooded like me). 
Anyways, train of thought running wild again - the point of this story is that in my never-ending uhb-sessed quest for skin perfection, I have been admiring Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator, but have been spending way too much of late, but suddenly - due to 3 for 2 on Christmas gifts, special 1000 point when you buy blah blah, and those boots tokens that come in the post that I normally throw away but my sister never receives - why Boots, why? - I suddenly had 4400 points! However, i need £46 worth of points, and whilst pottering around at home, cleaning as she does, my sister found a buy £10 worth of skincare and get 150 points, so New Year's Eve I trundled down to Boots. Why New Year's Eve I hear you ask? Why indeed - well because my spending ban came into force at the strike of Big Ben! Anyways long story short, I purchased Soap and Glory peel, Nivea oil-free daily lotion for the sissy, a Denman Hairbrush, some shower gel (Original Source Chocolate + Mint and Lemon, as they were on half price) and two teensy bottles of hand sanitiser (also on half price), plus cough mixture for my dad - not really relevant but you know - and I had enough points! So I ran straight to the Estee Lauder counter and my love was purchased!
Right so the facts: Estee Lauder claims: This fast-acting serum is proven to significantly reduce the look of blotchiness, past blemish marks and discolourations. Instantly, skin looks fresh and radiant. 79% of women saw an improvement in the look of uneven skintone. Skin looks noticeably clearer, brighter and more even-toned. Oil-free formula is proven gentle and effective for all ethnicities 
I have been advised to use it twice a day for 2 weeks, then reduce it to just morning use, and that the 30ml should last me 3 months. Plus apparently there is a money back guarantee - although I'll have to rummage in the bin for the receipt, I'm terrible like that!
So, I have been using this now for 27 days apparently, and what do I think? Well I think - it works! Don't expect instantaneous miracles, the effects of this baby will just punch you in the face one day, and you'll think 'wow this stuff works!' So, what did it do for me? Well up until about a year ago I had pretty perfect skin - a few pores, a few scars, but that was it. But the past year, after an op on my ovary - which is what I think triggered the skin issues - I started getting spots on the lower half of my chin. Nothing much, nothing serious - definitely not acne, but spots nonetheless! My skintone is middle of the colour chart - I am light-medium in terms of Asian skintone, and even if I do not touch a spot, it now leaves a mark, so it is these marks I was aiming to correct. Now these marks aren't all gone, but are lightening up steadily. When I asked my sister if she thought it was working on my face after a week she said "no, your marks are still there, but your skintone is more even." So I referred her back to the name of the serum - Even Skintone Illuminator! So I reckon even after a week it was working! 
It is definitely a bit of an investment piece in your skincare routine, but I reckon its quite worth it. Am I going to repurchase? Well I think there's still 2 months worth left in my bottle, but after that, being the curious little critter that I am, I might try another serum, perhaps the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. But I will always know, in the back of my mind, that this serum works, and I can go back to it whenever I like! 
Hope this helped! 
Love A.x