I have an issue with my lips.  No matter how much of anything I put on them, they never, ever become fully smooth.  I am one of those girls that longs for soft lips, so that I can wear whichever lipstick I choose of a morning.  I scrub, I balm, I intensify - and the hunt for the perfect lips is coming closer and closer thanks to some choice hero products.  The first product you have seen already: my Burt's Bee's Lip Balm, and the second products is Blistex intensive moisturiser.  It is thick.  It is white.  It is slightly medicinal.  But it defos helps!
I tend to use this as part of my bedtime skincare routine or leave it to sink into my lips whilst doing the rest of my make up.  As I see it, lips are the final touch to complete a look!
It costs £2.59 from boots.
Soon I shall introduce you to the rest of my lip kit including: The Body Shop Lip Scuff and The Body Shop roll-on lip balm thingy!
Love A.x