To add some consistency to my blog, I have decided to have a 'thing of the week!'  That's right, a thing - not a product of the week, not a nail of the week, not a face of the week.  Mostly because it can be anything I want! And I'm gonna cheat a bit and say it may even be multiple things! Shock Horror! So, without further ado, the first thing of the week issssssssssssssssssssssssssAlpha H Liquid Gold! Round of applause, round of applause.

This really is a miracle product, really clearing up and brightening my skin in next to no time.  Basically, after night-time cleansing, one applies this to a cotton wool pad (same kind of texture as toner) and wipes it over the face on alternate nights.  You can follow with moisturiser but I have been skipping it in favour of letting the product work alone and more intensely.  I wake up in the morning and literally see a brighter me in the mirror.
As a side note, do a small patch test if you decide to use this product - my skin is used to glycolics, so I don't really even feel the tingle that you should feel, but you need to see if you are sensitive to this product, as it can do a lot of damage (key is in the name - glycolic ACID).  Second warning is don't even bother using this if you can't be bothered with using a sunscreen daily.  And I don't mean on sunny days, I mean cloudy days, rainy days, days that you're not even going out but are sitting near your window days!  Every day is a sunscreen day - I would say AT LEAST factor 20 and no, your foundation doesn't count!
Anyways, the basic point of this post it I love this product=].
Glycolics always make me smileeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Love A.x