So I've had 3 of these for about a month now - I delayed my post because normally I absolutely love whatever new make up I get, then I realise they're not so good!  HOWEVER, these are just lovely, lovely things.  Basically, I have perpetually dry lips, and lipstick can often highlight this, but these tubes of goodness act like a lip balm, with the colour of a sheer, but still pigmented lippy.  I have these in Tempting Lilac, Lovely Rose and Impulsive Fuchsia.
Lovely Rose is a blue-toned, very light pink, and is the least flattering of the 3 I have, despite this it is still lovely.
Tempting Lilac has been my fave of the 3, insomuch as it is a perfect everyday, face-brightening colour.  Despite it's name, I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a lilac, more of a mauve, with nude undertones, so it is ultimately flattering.
The last colour is a departure away from my usual light pinks and nudes, and is Impulsive Fuchsia.  I've got to say, surprisingly I love it!  The sheerness of it allows me to wear a bright pink veryyyyy easily, and I have worn it quite a lot of times!
All in all, these lippies are just gorgeous - in colour, but also in texture.  They are balm-like, but with quite a long lasting pigment that wears off nice and evenly.  Plus it is super easy to reapply without a mirror, and I have found myself using these instead of lip balms!  I am going to go back for a couple of other colours - perhaps a red and the nude.  I've wanted them for a while, but the testers in my local Boots are a bit yuk, and the ones in Superdrug apparently don't exist!
Hope that helps!
Love A.x
p.s. I have had YSL Rouge Voluptes, and I prefer the L'oreal!
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