So the sun arrived this week - although I hear it's leaving soon - and I decided to de-fuzz.  Lovely, right?  Haha.  Not the most lady-like topic, but we all have to do it!  When I was younger, my mother really was against me de-fuzzing.  So I secretly did it.  With one of my Dad's Bic disposable razors!  OMG i suffered.  My hair is really thick and super-fast growing - good for the hair on my head, but nowhere else - and I got ingrown hairs, razor burn, tbh there was no point in shaving because as soon as it was shaved, it re-appeared!
At some point I turned 16, and was officially allowed to de-fuzz, and that's when I started waxing my legs, and also my arms.  It's just such a nice feeling to be hairless.  Waxing was so much better than shaving, and I found it didn't hurt too much either.  For ages, until I was about 21 waxing was my fuzz-removal choice.  Only downside was it was a little expensive to buy the wax every time.  When I got my full-time job in a Medi-spa, my manager used to wax me for free, so that took away that negative.  But I started developing folliculitis on my arms and thighs, so my uncle - a doctor - suggested epilating.
For my 24th (eek I'm old) birthday last year, I asked for an epilator.  And it is the most useful present ever.  
It came with a load of attachments - face, underarm, bikini line, plus trimmer and shaver - and can be used wet or dry.  
I love it.  On Monday I was like oooooooooooooooo SUN let me epilate.  Jumped in the hottest bath ever and starting the de-fuzz sequence!  Only prob was the epilator was not charged, so I have only done the fronts of my legs.  Both ewwww and hilarious at the same time!  But that was rectified on Tuesday, along with my arms!
I really recommend epilators - more painful than waxing - especially on the underarms - but the results are smoother and longer-lasting!
Love A.x