Yesterday I went to see the film Dark Shadows with a couple of friends, and a conversation about a GOSH primer I used to have, that one of my friends had found unloved in a drawer inspired this post.  The film is amazing btw.  Best film I've seen in a loooooooooong time.  Hair and make up of the women - Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter and Chloe Moretz were amazing, but it was Eva Green's hair (blonde!) and make up that stole the show: just ridiculously flawless: found myself entranced by her! And of course, the gorgeous Johnny Depp is the lead.   
So, on with the post!  I have a need for a primer.  Without one makeup will be sliding off my face in a matter of hours, especially around the end of my nose.  Weird.  At the moment, I have 2 primers in rotation - Benefit the Porefessional (review here) and Philosophy the Present (original review here).  If you have a quick peek at the original reviews, you can see I pretty much liked both, but as I am using them more and more, I am finding differences between the two.  

I originally thought that the Porefessional was somewhat helpful in holding onto my make up for dear life, but sadly I am discovering this is not the case.  What it is good for is filling in the old pores - BUT there is still the issue that however many times I use this, I almost always seem to apply toooooo much and the primer pills, creating flaky bits all over my face.  Sigh.  
So I used the Present the other day.  Aaaaaaah I had forgotten that I liked the smell - kind of lavender mixed with baby powder?! - and how well it grabs my make up.  Tbh again, you need a tiny weeny amount, otherwise, as I discovered, your foundation won't blend, the surface of your face will almost be too stiff!  I think, in the battle of Porefessional V Present, Present wins out.  So perhaps I'll have to sell my Porefessional to stock up my almost finished Present!  But then again, fickle old me might stray back to the GOSH primer!
Hope this helped a little!
Love A.x