I've kind of been lusting over this for a while - not in these colours, but in the brighter colours, but didn't want to shell £16 when I hadn't had a chance to try them, but thennnnnnnnnnnn I spotted this on ebay and thought it would be perfect for trying out the formulation.  As you may know, Stila's convertible colours can be used whereeeeeeeeeever you wish to use them on your face.  To be fair, I think for most people this would be the cheeks and lips - that's generally where I use mine (although I had a little not-so-successful dabble with trying them as contouring colours!).  
So this is a little gorgeous little duo of the convertible colour, in Lillium and Gerbera.  
Lillium is a browny-base with mauve hints, and Gerbera is a soft peachy-orange.  The colours are lovely, very natural for that kind of 'flushed' look that seems so fashionable at the moment.  In terms of formulation these differ hugely from the other cream blushers I own - most of mine dry down to a powder / locked kind of finish, but these stay dewy and slightly tacky, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but oily girls may not enjoy this texture so much, although as an oily girl myself, I don't really mind.

I prefer applying these onto the apples of my cheeks with my fingers, in a Lisa Eldridge kind of way.  They are also GORGEOUS as lipsticks/glosses.  The fact that they stay looking 'wet' or dewy means they really lend themselves to looking beautiful on the lips, more than most other cream blushers!
Hope you like this, I really do want a few more: the singles of these retail at £16 and can be found on ASOS.
Love A.x