As you may know, I have combination to oily skin, which used to be really good in terms of spots, pigmentation and texture, but has been temperamental throughout the last year!  Lately, since my use of Alpha H Liquid Gold, and bits and pieces in my new skincare routing, I've generally had pretty good skin, however every so often it goes a bit mad.  Well rather mental really.  The madness generally occurs on my chin, and the bottom third of my face, which I hear is a hormonal thing.  Sigh at hormones.  Anyways, what this means is that I have to switch up my skincare a little bit, generally just at the cleansing stage.  
First of all, I start using my Clarisonic again (review here).  It's not that I don't use it, in actuality I use it for about 2 weeks constantly, and then I hear the beep that means the battery's dead and I just forget to re-charge!  Epic fail, I know, but it seems to be a constant cycle!  So, when my skin started playing up, I remembered to finally charge this.  This just generally helps to unblock any 'blocky' bits, and I find using this helps any break-outs to get lost a little bit quicker.  It also helps with clarity between break-outs.  
 As for cleansing products, these are the two I choose for killing the old breakouts: Lush Dark Angels and Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Soap
Now to Lush!  I have a little bit of love for Lush in general.  I kinda like everything I've tried from them, and Dark Angels is no exception.  The Lush Dark Angels is a face scrub containing beautiful spot-busting and oil-fighting ingredients including charcoal, rhassoul mud, sandalwood and black sugar.  This is a brilliant product because of the multitude of ways in which you can use this.  It is a lumpy dry black mix, and what you need to do is take a bit from the pot, place it in your hand and add water.  Now, it is this addition of water that allows you to customise the Dark Angels to your tastes!  Add next to no water and you have a face mask, add a bit more and you have a gritty face scrub, a bit more makes for a more comfortable scrub, and lots of water plus less Dark Angels equals a beautiful face wash.  I generally use it as a scrub after my cleanse with the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Soap and Clarisonic, but if I'm in the bath, I add the tiniest bit of water to make it spreadable, and use it as a mask, whilst I steam away.  Like all Lush cleansers, you actually see results immediately after your cleanse, and they make such lovely specific additions to any skincare routine.  I will warn you though, the black colour can get everywhere.  Make sure you wash your face directly over the sink, not over the carpet!  And definitely do not use a white towel to dry your face after this!
This lovely bar of soap is actually the Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Soap, and I completely forget about it until my skin breaks out.  I actually discovered it after using the brand's mud mask, and being so WOWED by it that I had to purchase more from the range.  I actually use this with my Clarisonic when I have problems with my skin: I add water to the bar, rub it between my hands to create a lather, and rub my hands all over my face.  I then use my clari in the normal way.  What this soap-like creation does is give a very thorough clean, and makes the skin super soft and bright.  One word of caution - don't overuse or you will get very dry skin!
The combination of these two products really help to tackle the causes, and then to get rid of any breakouts.  The Lush Dark Angels is a lovely product to always have in your arsenal of skincare, the tub lasts foreeeeeeeeeeeever, and the mud soap is the most effective way to help problem skin.
I hope this helped, I know these are two lesser-known products so perhaps you'll give them a go!
Love A.x