Why only one piece of Mac, and a tiny one at that?  Well let me tell you.  Spent nearly an hour in Mac Westfield Shepherd's Bush.  In that hour no one offered to help us.  Even though we were obvs up for spending a bit of money that day - we literally were looking at everything.  In protest for the utter rudeness we faced, we weren't gonna buy anythinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng BUT I needed a cleansing oil.  So I begrudgingly picked up the tiny one, and only spent £7 in there.  Bloody annoyed the hell out of us.  And this isn't the first time.  I find Mac Shepherd's Bush to ALWAYS have the worst customer service.

But, to the oil, which I've been using for a couple of weeks now.  I love it!  It smells fruity.  It smells yummy.  I feel relaxed using it.  Bought it as I can't afford the Shu Uemura atm *sad face* How do they compare?  Well, I think the Mac cleans my face better.  The Shu feels more luxurious because the oil is thicker, but doesn't clean quite so well, I found traces of make up still left on my face.  However, it's good point was that I was using the brightening formula, and I did notice some brightness.  The Mac Cleanse-off oil is much thinner in consistency and almost doesn't feel like an oil - it is so lightweight that I often misjudge and think oh one pump isn't enough and continue to pump pump pump it up!  But one is plenty.  Massage it in, add water to emulsify, massage more and rinse.  

Apart from cleaning exceptionally well, it also leaves my skin super soft, much softer than the Shu!  I love it.  Defos to be repurchased in the bigger size - I was just testing the water really to make sure it didn't irritate my skin.  But I'll probs repurchase either online or get my sis to pick it up at her Mac counter.  Because I've had one too many experiences with Mac staff at westfield. GRRR.  Also this little beauty takes off my eye make up remover sooooooooo easily.  I make sure to keep my eyes shit tiiiiiiiiiightly, then massage it into my lashes, add water, massage more, add water and rinse off!  I still will stick to my separate eye make up remover because I just prefer a separate eye make up remover!
Hope you found this interesting, I super love cleansing oils!
Love A.x