I am a bit of an eyeliner girl.  As long as I can remember I have loved eyeliner.  Even when I didn't use to use much make up, I always loved a bit of eyeliner.  I generally wore it smudged on the top lash line whilst everyone else was wearing it just on the waterline.  I knew, even then that on the top lash line it would help open the eye, whilst everyone else was closing theirs!  These days I always line the top lash line, always under the bottom lash line, and only the waterline when I want a super intense look.  Lately however I have found that black sometimes looks a little stark on the bottom lash line, and after watching some of Tanya Burr's videos I decided to pick up Mac eyeliner in Teddy.  I have to say, I have used it literally EVERY day since I got it a few months ago.  It has some rich brown undertones, with bronze and gold shot through very subtly and is veryyyyy flattering.

 This is just perfect for under the lower lash line, but I also include it in my very easy smoky eye: I apply the colours I want in terms of eyeshadow - generally bronzey browns - and then trace this along the top lash line, blending it into the eyeshadow, before adding a thinner line of black right next to the lashes.  The effect is beautiful, and really helps with a gradient effect
I really think this is a lovely staple for everyone's make up bag!
Love A.x