Hola Munchkins!
Generally in  life, I either like or dislike an item of skincare.  This time however, my mind is truly confused.  The B. Clean Melting Gel Cleanser was something I picked up when B. was introduced to Superdrug, along with the B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser.  Now, the exfoliating cleanser is something that I do like to use maybe once a week for a lovely actual scrub that brightens the skin.  
The Melting Gel Cleanser is all kinds of confused, and as such, I think this review will be too!  I actually loved the sound of it when I saw it on the shelves - I love a good cleansing balm or oil, and I figured this would fit somewhere within the realms of those, but would be easier to take off the skin.  Ok, so what do I like about it?  Well, it really does cleanse the skin thoroughly, gets rid of any gunk and make up, and leaves the skin soft.  So, what's the bad?  Well it suffocates me.  
Not literally, but the texture is oily, but in a thick gel form, and I find that it feels cloying and suffocating on the skin, so much so that despite it's slippy texture that should just lend itself to a good old facial massage, I tend to rub it in, then take it off as soon as possible.  
Now, this cleanser leaves me in a difficult position: it's good qualities are good enough that it hasn't gone straight into the bin, as things do when I dislike them.  It's bad qualities have meant that I am taking foreeeeeeeverrrrrrrr to get through it.  But I will, because it's a good product just housed in a form that I genuinely find claustrophobic!  But who knows, my fickle self may just pick it up again!
Confused review, but I had to be honest!
Love A.x