Hola Munchkins!
Every so often, my love of mixing every skincare and make up piece possible together can annoy my skin a little.  Just a little mind you, my skin is quite the hardy type.  Lately however, illness has made me adjust the skincare I use to just the basics - an oil and a lovely, thick cleansing milk.  
I have been using the Una Brennan Rose Oil as my first cleanser (after any eye make-up remover), massaging thoroughly and then removing with my beloved rust-coloured flannel, then following with the Clarins Cleansing Milk for Combo/Oily skin, and doing the same.  The Rose oil actually works on a couple of levels: it removes make up in such an effective way, allows for a lovely massage, and the scent aids in calming me down in general - I do love a bit of rose.  The Cleansing Milk is equally as comforting, sort of a grown up Baby Lotion scent, thick, luxurious and slightly cooling.  Together they leave my skin feeling cleansed, softened and rebalanced.
Do you ever strip down your skincare?
Love A.x