Hola Munchkins!
Today for you I have a very exciting dupe - a wonderful eye make up remover.  I do love a good eye make up remover, especially on my heavier than heavy eye make up days, which are quite a regular occurrence.  For a good 3 years I used the Simple Eye Make Up Remover, and was more than happy with it, until one day it just wasn't working so well anymore.  At the Professional Beauty Show this year I happened to score a little bit of a bargain deal (actually a few) at the Clarins stand, and in amongst my goodies was a little mini Instant Eye Make Up Remover.  
Now, I love a little bit of oil for cleansing, for hydrating, on my face etc etc, but I was a little hesitant about oil on my eyes, mostly because I wear contact lenses, and it could cause my sight to go a little blurry.  But I needn't have feared - this was such a joy to use, shake it up so the two phases can mix, splash a little onto a cotton pad, then press onto the eye for a few secs before wiping away, and miracle of all miracles, even the heaviest made up eye comes away with ease.  

Now, I adore this eye make up remover, but at £17 for 125ml, I was intrigued when I spotted the L'oreal Absolute Make Up Remover Lip and Eye.  Normally retailing at £4.99 for the same 125ml, I actually got it on a ridiculously good Superdrug deal - buy 2 of the new L'oreal skincare range for £4!  Right, so how does this compare?  

It is the same colour, slightly thicker if you will, in texture, applies the same way, and does the same job.  It take a tad more elbow grease and a little longer soaking on the eye, but amazingly, the products are incredibly, incredibly similar.  I am more than happy with both products, and just on the price, and the similar performance, would definitely buy the L'oreal again!
Love A.x