Hola Munchkins!
As you may know, I am quite the SPF aficionado.  I believe that protecting yourself from the harmful parts of the sun's rays does so much for your skin, and as such I try to always, always SPF myself. 
I use a high SPF on my face, and by high I mean AT LEAST SPF 30, but when I can an SPF50+.  Currently, my fave face SPF is running out (Heliocare Gel SPF90), and I am using my back-up, the No7 Anti Dark Spot SPF 50+.  I'm not all that fond of it, its a little thick for my liking, plus it's not a once a day, so as my skin gets oily throughout the day, I'm pretty sure it melts off my face. 
I will be picking up the P20 SPF50 Once a day as soon as I possibly can, and probably the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL 50 which is most defos on my wish list.
 For body, my choice has been the Piz Buin Once a Day SPF30 - I don't use as high a SPF on the body as I do on the face as I quite like when my skin has a hint of colour - the yellower tones even out to a golden colour which I quite like.
When it comes to SPFs I always try to pick a Once a Day formula, because, let's face it, I'm never gonna remember to reapply throughout the day, and so this guarantees me a lot more protection than if I were to ineffectively use a 'normal' SPF.
I hope you found this a little useful, SPF is something I use daily!
Love A.x