Hola Munchkins!
Today is a straight up review of a mask I've been using since the end of February, and feel like I can really and truly comment on both it's instant and cumulative results.  Like it says, this is a gel consistency, easy to spread on the skin, and brilliantly, you hardly need any of it to cover the face well.  
Once on the face, it feels slightly cooling, and I generally forget it's on until about 5 minutes into the treatment, at which point it feels, I imagine, how toothpaste smeared all over one's face would feel - cold and minty fressh! 
This mask contains (as the name suggests) three types of enzymes, which act in the same way a peel would on the face, albeit slightly less strongly.  With regular usage, this mask is said to help with hyper-pigmentation and blemishes, as well as ridding the skin of excess oil.
So, what have I found after regular use over around 3 months?  Well, firstly, this mask really feels like its working - even after I've flannelled it off I can still feel it hanging around, doing good under my skin: immediately after I've taken it off my skin is sooooo, soooo, soooo soft that I can't stop touching it, which is somewhat of a revelation.  Continuous use seems to have evened out my pigmentation slightly, and just generally gives a glow and a healthy-looking look to the face.  Basically I'm a little in love with it.  I am fairly liberal with my application and my little teeny tiny 15ml tube has lasted me 2 and half months, with at least one usage a week!  Definitely, definitely one to repurchase. 
I hope you found this useful, I will be doing a few more reviews of Elemis bits and pieces soon!
Love A.x