Hola Munchkins!
I am loving a little bit of autumn make-up at the moment.  As much as I do not like any weather that doesn't include either a lot of sun or a lot of snow, I am quite enjoying big jumpers, and autumn make-up. I have added one new blush to my rotation specifically for autumn: Sleek's Antique.
This is a lovely just-into-the-berry-family shade, slightly sepia, with a shimmer and a lightness about it.  That's a lot of properties for one blush, but let me tell you, it is absolutely perfect for winter: adds colour to a pallid complexion whilst brightening the face.  It has a little shimmer which actually helps the blush to highlight at the same time as "blushing" whilst also almost bronzing the complexion! I really think that this is a beautiful blush for all skin tones, and recommend you go and buy it now!
What are your go-to blushers for Autumn?
Love A.x