Hola Munchkins!
I have recently gotten into fragrance again - I have real phases with scents, and sometimes I forget to use a perfume at all.  This is definitely season of the perfume, and more specifically, season of the heavier perfume.  The two perfumes I am currently reaching for are my very oldest and very newest.  
As a seven or eight-year old I asked for Karl Lagerfield's Sun, Moon and Stars - very grown up for a little girl, and after the initial obsession I am now reaching for it regularly.  It is floral, but in a grown-up and sexy way - I suppose some may call it oriental, and I feel it is the jasmine and sandalwood that tickle my olfactory senses!  The newest of my fragrances is the Oriflame My Red by Demi Moore. I thought, on first glance, that this would be very similar to another of my faves - the Hugo Boss Deep Red, crossed with Sun, Moon and Stars, and it does have hints of both, but is something else entirely.  The main note here is said to be Red Jasmine, and it is that which reminds me of a lot of fragrances that I like, but My Red has a whole other fruity note to it that I wouldn't normally go for, but actually works as a lighter fragrance.  I envisage many using this as a day fragrance, which is what I have been doing, often mixing it with Sun, Moon and Stars because my nose loves a heavy, heady scent!
Have you switched your fragrances for autumn?
Love A.x