Hola Munchkins!
I have decided to add this on a weekly basis - I take a lot of random pics of things I like throughout the week, and sometimes it's nice just to look at a load of pics, so today I bring you the first of my Sunday's Snaps!
Cheeky Nail Polishes to be be tested next week | Boots Xmas Guide! | My make up bag | Toast perfume?
Skin Shop Dry Eye Gel - Saviour | Antipodes Juliet Cleanser, currently testing | Two rediscoveries in my real jewels collection | Skin Shop Liquorice Lip Balm - brill!
Harry Potter Studios Tickets! | Wonka chocolate bar | FOM Serum - wonderful | Nanshy brushes - beautiful
M&S Milk bottles nom nom nom | Oldest perfum in my collection Karl Lagerfield ( over 10 years old!) | Sorting my Vit D Fix | Skin shop skin rescuer!

Hope you liked this kind of post!
Love A.x