Hola Munchkins!
I have been super lucky to get to try out a fair few skincare products lately, but have managed to FINALLY settle myself into a routine that I seem to like.  My night routine (on non-Liquid Gold nights) combines chemical exfoliants with deep hydration but also mattification!
After cleansing, I sweep the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Cleanser over my face and neck.  I just adore a good old chemical exfoliant, and having it in the form of a toner makes it super duper convenient to work it into my routine even on days where Alpha H's Liquid Gold does not find it's way onto my skin.
Next up is Indie Lee Co Q-10 Toner, which uses hyaluronic acids to push and hold onto moisture in the skin.  Using this helps to compensate the skin for any moisture lost during the first toning stage.
My serum of choice is the FoM (Freshness of the Morning) Remodelling Beauty Serum, which smells of delicious roses!  This is not a gel-type serum, but more like a very light lotion which instantly hydrates and seems to plump the skin.
Lastly, the Indie Lee Squalene Facial Oil which is suitable for all skin types.  This is wonderful - I actually have quite the varied collection of facial oils, but this manages to have its own niche in my collection: it is more like a dry oil.  Very nourishing, but completely non-greasy, this is just beautiful.
As I use all of these more and more I will definitely get reviews up!
Love A.x