Hola Munchkins!
As you may know, skincare is my drug - and as such, my skin tends to be in pretty good condition day in and day out.  Of course, this doesn't mean I don't have skin issues - Asian skin like mine tends towards scarring and hyperpigmentation, and when I do have a few spots, they really make themselves known!  One thing that really affects my skin though is the changing of the seasons, or more specifically, unsettled weather.  You know, the type that we are having at the moment - rain, followed by sun, followed by icy winds.  My skin just hates it, and despite its oily nature, leaves me with eczema, especially around my eyes and lips.  Just as the weather turned, I was sent what I can only describe as three items that have become my saviours: I quite literally have used these three things only this week, and felt the improvement in my skin almost immediately.
So, from left to right we have the Defensil Rescue Serum, the Dry Eye Gel, and the Liquorice Balm for lips, all from Skin Shop.  If I'm truthful, I didn't expect much from these - especially the eye gel and lip balm.  The eczema on my eyes gets irritated to the point of having to slap a load of steroid cream on them in order to soothe my eyes: surprise of all surprises, this soothed my eyes in about half an hour.  The Lip balm has actually managed to add moisture back into my perpetually-dry lips, and smells of Sambuca!  The Rescue Serum is something that I see being a real staple in life - soothing and moisturising, it really helps with skin that is stressed and a bit all over the place!  All in all, these are wonderful products that I really and truly think I will always use!
Love A.x