This is getting to be a bit of a bad habit.  I said to my mother - who incidentally is buying a few bits here and there from kiko when she generally doesn't purchase make-up - that Kiko is such good make up and so reasonably priced to which she replied "not reasonably priced if you buy something everytime you go in" which is true but hey!  Anyways, just two purchases this time - one a necessity: the sharpener - because I needed a sharpener that was a) sharp b) had a big bit and a small bit c)sharpened into itself.  And the other thing is a blush stick, which is part of their new collection, and is just SO pink and SO me.  In fact it's called 'doll pink' which sums me and my make up up in a nutshell.
Pretty Pretty Pretty! Btw, I think the sparkles are left over from other swatches, not from the Blush Stick!
Love A.x