Oh na na, what's my name?
I did a lot of research when this video came out, because I loved the softness of the blue on her nails and the blue of her cardigan - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand because she had the same kind of nails as me!  My nails are LONG most of the time, long, and not square, because it just doesn't suit me.  So I wanted this colour, and after much searching I found out it was Essie's Lapis of Luxury.  So without further ado, here are my blue (short because they've just been cut) nails
This colour is slightly darker than a powder blue, I find that it leans truly towards blue as opposed to the purplish hints that are found in a lot of blues.  I find it brightens my skin tone, and makes me feel rather fashionable!  I have had this on since Tuesday, today is now Sunday, and it is wearing incredibly well, some tip wear, but that is to be expected.  I rather feel this is to do with my choice of top coat though, as I can generally get away with perfectly painted nails for a week.  The formula was opaque in two coats, but just from habit, and through learning the wearing patterns of my nails, I always apply three coats, I find the colour is truer, and glossier this way.  Overall, a really lovely colour for yukky dark days!
Love A.x