Temptress is my ultimate no1 classic bestest ever i love it kind of nail polish!
It is a no7 nail polish, and I have been wearing it religiously since I was 18.  It is probably the only nail polish i have ever used up and then gone on to repurchase.  Numerous times.  I only wish the pictures could show you its true beauty.  
Temptress falls into the kind of maroon shades that I think are incredibly elegant, classic, and more wearable day-to-day than a pillar box red shade.  I would say its a very slightly blackened shade, and for some reason - who knows why - I want to say that it is a 'merlot' shade.  Haha I don't really know the difference between my wines, but let's go with that!  Beautiful, rich, intense colour that is just oh so classy.  The no7 brush is lovely and wide, the first coat will look slightly see through and streaky, so a second coat is always needed, and I always add a third for luck anyways.  It wears after about a week, and - as I learnt through my cash-poor uni days - it should always removed with a nail polish remover as soon as any chips show, as the patch-work, crackle-type fading, wearing and picking off of this nail polish just looks atrocious!   
I have nothing to add apart from try it out, but don't make it your fave.  Cos it's mine!
Love A.x