Oooooo i bought this when DP had their 25% off student discount, and paid around £18 for it, and I bloody love it!  I was adamant I wasn't going to get a satchel / messenger style bag EVER.  But I have decided in my mind that this is too slouchy to be considered as either of those.  Plus, I shorten the long strap as much as possible and generally walk around with it like 'posh' ladies do, on the crook of my arm!
It is a beautiful, soft kind of dove grey, with gold hardware and is ridiculously roomy.  It has secret compartments!  The flap-over bit of the bag doubles up as space to put stuff, just opens with a zip to the bottom of it, and so does the part under - I think you'll see what I mean from the pics.  Then on the actual interior there are 2 main compartments, the most forward one containing the usual phone pocket.  But the back compartment is amaze balls.  It is divided into 3 by the middle section being almost a kind of live-in, attached to the bag make-up bag! So useful! Then the usual zip pocket at the back of the interior, and one on the outside of the reverse of the bag. Serious value for money!
You can see the two secret flap compartments here!  Although the zip kinda gives them away... 
Secret make up bag, which you can see behind my deodorant!
Love A.x