I had heard about Mac's Petticoat from some of the Pixiwoo videos, where they suggested if you could find this rare product, then you best buy it asap!  Now, some months ago, I was visiting Bicester Village, really so I could visit one shop only - the CCO.  In it, to my utter delight I came across the beautiful wonder of Petticoat!  Now, I don't get along with Mac's Natural Skinfinishes, they oxidise on me and make me look dirty, but these 'special' mineralizes are pretty darn lovely.

Petticoat is a warm-toned pinky-gold, and adds a real depth to the skin, as if flushed from the sun:  I use it in a variety of ways - as a highlighter, as a shimmery bronzer or as a blush.  Petticoat has managed to convert me to the Mineralize skinfinishes, and I really fancy picking up a cool-toned one!  It is incredibly pigmented, slightly shimmery and butter soft to the touch.  If I had any gripes, I would say it is a little coarse in texture, but that is me being VERY picky!

Both of the above pics have Petticoat on the cheekbones!
All in all, this is a gorgeous product that has pride of place on my windowsill!
Love A.x