Everytime I walk into my room, this is the fragrance that greets me!  My Vanilla Hazelnut candle is on top of my chest of drawers, alongside my cosmetics and general array of pretty things.  It is therefore the scent I smell when doing my make up, and even without burning it I love it!

I found this little gem in TK Maxx, a few days after I purchased the Yankee Candle Candy Apple (review here).  I did not find any more Yankee Candles, but I did have a good old sniffing session and settled on this Vanilla Hazelnut for myself and the Apple Cobbler for my mother.  The Vanilla Hazelnut is an incredibly rich, warm smell, reminds me a lot of starbucks coffee!  Perhaps the Hazelnut latte with a hint of vanilla?  Even as I sit here typing this post, I'm having a good old inhale of this scrumptious candle!  My mum's Apple Cobbler smells, as my dad put it "like something I've eaten before" and he's definitely right, it smells like a lovely, warm, cinammon-y apple crumble.

Now, onto the details: these candles come in a glass jar, most of which is textured with almost like a fishnet kind of frosted pattern on the glass.  Burn time isn't stated anywhere, but I would say I've burnt mine for a good 10 hours or so, and my mum has burnt hers much longer and I would say that only about a fifth of mine and a third of hers has been used up!
Everytime I go into TK Maxx I now have a little sniff in their candle section, after all these are such a little bargainous treat at £4.99.
Love A.x