Back in the day, when I used to work as PR Rep for a medi-spa, I was lucky enough to get treated to glycolic peels free of charge whenever I fancied one, and it is one of the things I now miss most about being a student again - no money for luxury treatments!  I've had this little tub of Soap and Glory goodness for about 6 months now - it landed in my basket when I was looking for something to replicate the effects of a Glycolic Peel (closest so far is the Alpha H Liquid Gold), and was drawn to it via the ingredients of Salicylic Acid and Kaolin.  Now, just from these ingredients I could tell it was not, as it states a 'peel' as much as a mask - you won't find any clay in a peel!

As with all Soap and Glory products, the packaging is super cute.  This is housed in a white round tub, with thick walls, sturdy enough to withstand being dropped!
The product itself is fairly thick (because of the clay) - which helps it to feel ridiculously luxurious when you apply - with teeny weeny green beads sprinkled throughout the product.  It is suggested that you rub a grape-sized "dollop" onto the skin, concentrating on rubbing these beads all over your most congested areas: I generally don't worry about how much I use, I just grape aforesaid dollop on my fingertip and rub into the skin - it kind of regulates itself to the right thickness as you rub it in, if there's too much in one area it just seems to move that over to another area.  The smell of this is a slightly soap and glory-ish smell mixed with something more medicinal, which makes you think it's really going to work on your skin!  Now, this mask can often cause a slight tingly sensation both upon application and whilst it's on your face, which although I am used to, my sister found somewhat disconcerting!  Soap and Glory suggest you leave it on between 5 and 15 minutes, I just tend to leave it on according to how much time I have!  The mask semi-dries - it stays slightly tacky to the touch, but does tighten up a little on your face, but never so much that it gets uncomfortable to the point you can't really speak!
In terms of results, after use, my skin appears brighter, pores are definitely reduced temporarily, and temporarily mattified.  This mask is not the one for you if you want softer skin, it seems to smooth more than soften, but I have a range of Montagne Jeunesse that I will review for softening purposes.
I would definitely buy this again, and I'm gonna have to, I've literally just used the last scrapings of it (I think the tub will make a cute storage type thing).  It has actually lasted me over 6 months, with sporadic usage from both myself and my sister, which really isn't bad at all for £8 - plus Boots almost always has in on a 3 for 2 offer.  If you would like to have a gander at in on the Boots website you can do so here.  I'm really loving the Soap and Glory Products at the moment, and recently wrote a review on the Peaches and Clean Cleansing Milk, and am thinking about trying more from the range.
I reckon this is a good staple to have in your mask arsenal!
Love A.x