In my skincare routine, there is always, always a separate eye-make up remover to my cleanser.  My eyes are eczema-prone, and as such I prefer to always use something specially formulated for eyes to remove the masses of make up that can sometimes accumulate on my eyes!  My eye make up remover of choice is the Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover.  Bit of a mouthful, but the best eye make up remover I have ever come across.  Even better than the many people's HG - Bioderma.  Best of all, it only costs around £3.50, and lasts my heavily made-up eyes around a month to a month and a half.  But I am not the best prepared person in the world, and inevitably, there are a few days at the end of a month where I find myself void of any eye make up remover.  Sob.  That is why I keep these little babies in the back of one of my drawers!

 These little pads are impregnated with a fair amount of my beloved eye make up remover, but not so much that the liquid runs down your face!  I use these as I would any make up remover - one pad for each eye, and they are just brilliant!
They cause no irritation to my poor, eczema-ish, contact-lens wearing eyes, and I actually keep one pack of these in my handbag for any clean-ups that are necessary (mostly swatching too many cosmetics in boots!) 
Definitely a staple for any eye-make up loving girl!
Love A.x