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Anyways, onto today's post!  I love a good old evil eye.  Not giving them out you see, but wearing them as "protection".  I don't know if it really works, but I must say ever since I have been wearing an evil eye regularly, I feel life is that teeny bit less difficult!  For a little bit of background on the whole evil eye notion, check out wikipedia, it's a pretty interesting read.  I first became aware of the 'evil eye' idea myself when I went on holiday with a couple of friends, and one of them explained how she drew a dot in kohl behind her ear whenever she went out, to reflect any evil eyes given to her, back to the giver!  She went on to explain how anyone can think a slightly jealous or admiring thought, and without even meaning it, can give you the evil eye.  I'm not 100% per cent convinced on the subject, but soon after my holiday I got ill, more than was coincidental, and had to have a few operations, and the story she told about people intentionally or unintentionally giving the evil eye stuck with me!  Daily I now wear my sister's evil eye bracelet, which her friend brought her from Greece.  It is a double wrap style bracelet, with sea blue evil eye beads, and tarnished silver decorative beads in between.

Now, the other day I found a gorgeous evil eye ring in H&M of all places, and my sister bought both of us one!  I find it very hard to find evil eye jewellery that I like, but I do love the traditional feel of the actual eye in this ring, coupled with the gold double band, I think it looks more classy than the single-band evil eye rings that tend to be available all over ebay!

 I don't wear many accessories, but I do love a good evil eye piece!  
One thing I learnt from my friends story, that helps in life is that you should try not to think anything in a jealous way, but try and turn it around to be a positive thing *just in case* you accidentally give the evil eye!
Bit of a superstitious post, but its always interesting to learn about other cultures!
Love A.x