Hola Munchkins!
Now, I am not going to review this book in its entirety.  It is wholly too beautiful and intricate for me to even really synopsis it for you, so this will be more what I thought about it.
The night circus jumped out at me for its black-edged pages.  Shallow but definitely true.  Plus, it was in a charity shop, so was super-duper cheap!  I have had it for months, never quite finding the time or the mood to read it.  Until Saturday, where I took it on a one and a half hour journey "just-in-case."  Just-in-case turned out to be one of the best, most awe-inspiring books of my life.  So much so that I literally finished it in 4 hours.  
It is a book that is about more than magic - it is about the beauty that lies within magic, and is a theme that runs throughout the whole book: people, creations, events - beauty, and I mean true, stunning, chills-down-your-spine kind of beauty - is the core of the book.  Layered on top of this beautification is a less cheesy Romeo and Juliet style romance, but more tame, and more real-life (if that can be said for a) a book about magic 2) a book that is so beautifully written).  
The actual prose is ridiculous.  As in so good.  It is captivating, and appeals to someone like me who is in love with all things pretty.  It flows, it is not sickly sweet, nor saccharine, but it just flows in a way that just had me sitting up in awe: and I have read me a ton of books for my 2 English degrees!
I have no more to tell you except just read it.
It has restored my love for reading to an entirely higher plane, and is a book I will love forever.
Love A.x