Hola Munchkins!
Les Senteurs Gourmandes is a brand that conjures up imageries of intimate exclusivity, and for that reason alone, I was drawn towards the brand.  Vanilla Noire is an ultimately beautiful fragrance: I was apprehensive that it would carry the obvious olfactory nuances of any other vanilla scent, but this is something more elite.  La Senteurs Gourmandes truly manages to provide an assortment of subtly tweaked vanilla fragrances, from this Vanilla Noire, all the way to a Vanilla Bourbon - a real selection for a perfume connoisseur.  
This particular scent is an intoxicating blend of richness, caramel-y headiness, with a sensuality about it – something one can really yield to.  Indeed, I have found myself spraying and re-spraying Vanilla Noire in order to continuously smell it on myself!  There is, of course, no need to do this, as the longevity on the skin is excellent: it starts off as a somewhat alcoholic scent, but dries down in next to no time into an aroma that manages to virtually meld with my own skin, and that I catch a smidgen of each time I turn my head.  A buttery accord lends the perfume to being absolutely more-ish, whilst the vanilla is wholly pure – not artificially sweet, nor a musty, ancient odour.  The actual notes within the perfume include cinnamon, clove and ylang ylang, all of which add the “noire” to the vanilla.  Ultimately seductive, infinitely deep, rich and something categorically special.  Definitely a signature scent and the perfect cosy smell for winter.
Love A.x