Hola Munchkins!
I am fast becoming quite the fragrant girl.  Yes I am a fragrant ladddddy.  I am hooked on smells at the moment - I've always been one for smelling things, I smell my food and drinks before consumption, and have been known not to be able to sleep if I can smell food around.
Today I bring to you my newest obsession.  I quite literally have to have it.  I think it is quite possible that most department stores are finding their testes depleted thanks to my over-zealous spritzing.  I have always, always been sucked in by glamour of YSL Opium (well done PR, Marketing and Advertising!), but found the original to be too woody and oppressive for me, but in steps Belle D'Opium.  Beautifuully oriental and deep with a sweet edge, Belle D'Opium is quite literally everything I've been looking for in a perfume.  My scent tastes have switched from craving the cloyingly sweet to craving a sexier, deeper type of sweetness - sandalwood and jasmine are often my elixirs, and Belle D'opium is now my drug!
Love A.x