Hola Munchkins!
A little bit of a more thoughtful-ish post today!
Currently, the perception of perfection associated with the advertising and marketing of the beauty industry is something that is taken as gospel: the ideal shows women as needing to be beautiful, sultry creatures.  Enchantingly doe-eyed nymphs, all plump-lipped and long-lashed, are perpetually seen as the best way to sell a product.  
Beauty is portrayed as being a sense of perfection, a flawnessness, a need to constantly change oneself to be better.  The Beauty advertising industry is often accused of pushing the expectations of unrealistic, idealistic beauty onto the female population of today, particularly through their excessive use of photo retouching, and excessive claims of a product's benefits.  With so much sway and gravitas, isn’t it time the beauty industry used its power for good?  
The beauty advertisements of yester-year are more focussed on the woman as glamorous, the woman as put-together, and the woman as worldly.  They see the world as an ultimately less perfect, but women-centred place, and often through them we can see the true essence of beauty – a lesson to be learnt by the women of today.
Love A.x