Hola Munchkins!
Modern-day skins deal with such a plethora of ambushes and attacks upon them that the cleanser of the modern woman has to consider all factors in order to both protect and repair it from the onslaught it faces. These new-generation cleansers are rising fast through the ranks of the skincare world to establish themselves as efficacy-proven, results-driven multi-taskers.  Today’s potions need to be not only thoroughly cleansing, but must contain added extras so that the thoroughly-modern-Millie’s of this world can resolve all their skin woes through one tiny bottle!
soap and glory

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean
This little beauty is one of the best all-round cleansers ever: reformulated and repackaged in beautifully feminine but minimal packaging, it has the same beautiful smell, beautiful texture, brilliantly brightening and smoothing formula, but is somehow just inherently better.  The juicy peach smell gives it a luxurious edge, whilst a slightly loose texture makes it more than perfect for an effective facial massage.  The new Peaches and Clean gives a little bit of a tingle to the skin thanks to its use of fruit acids and definitely proves its worth – after just a few days of use, skin looks obviously brighter, more even-toned and clearer!

Nip and fab

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleanser
The lure of this particular cleanser is the inclusion of a favourite acid – Glycolic, which provides anti-ageing benefits, including firming of the skin.  Smelling beautifully of citrus, this is a lovely gel cleanser to use in the morning as a wake-up call, or in the evening as a freshen-up.  It works to smooth and clarify the skin and its texture, and works nicely with the Clarisonic.  Best used as a first cleanse to clear the bulk of make-up, leaving you to choose something a little more luxurious for the second cleanse.

loreal men expertL’oreal Men Expert Black Charcoal Wash
This is a brilliant deep-cleanser, brought to my attention on a hunch that the men’s skincare market would be able to deal with oily skin in an effective and long-lasting    way.  I find it to be quite the beautiful (odd word to use for a product made for the menfolk!) product.  Containing black charcoal, it works to deep clean, absorb oil – it is ever  so slightly abrasive, and lathers up to quite a luxurious grey foam, with a minty, menthol feel on the skin.  It leaves skin clean, but not stripped, and really helps to keep oil at bay.
Love A.x