Hola Munchkins!

Bourjois Happy Light is my absolute foundation of the moment, and has been for around a month now.  I find myself gravitating towards it automatically, I love the ease of it, the flexibility of using fingers or a brush, the actual feel of it on my fingertips.I find this to be a beautiful and truly innovative product that is adapting to the trend for perfect, but still skin-like bases.  
It is more transparent that your average foundation, and is almost more of a transparent base with pigments in it than a pigmented foundation, and so I find that it covers in a very healthy-looking, natural but perfected way, almost mimicking the look and feel of a slightly-glowing skin.  The yellow-tones really mimic my own skin colour as opposed to masking it, which is lovely, and actually very rare!  It feels lovely and lightweight on the skin, does need setting, but looks and feels like a much, much higher-end product.  It is what I would call a grown-up version of Bourjois Healthy Mix, and a brilliant dupe for Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Foundation! 
Love A.x