Hola Munchkins!
I am always, always intrigued by any product that claims to brighten, or give the skin a natural glow, and today I am going to share with you the products I have found to work towards a lovely, bright visage!
I have quite the extensive line up when it come to brightening and radiance product, but above you can see the products I have put together to show you - this is my brightening edit!
First up, let me introduce my beloved Alpha H Liquid Gold: this was a natural progression for me after a succession of regular glycolic face peels when I worked as PR Officer for an aesthetic clinic.  After I had left the job, my skin had a few tantrums, and it seemed to me the lack of glycolic was contributing heavily to my skin misbehaving.  I thought about giving myself peels on a weekly basis, but even though I may have been trained in the basics of skin peels, I'd rather leave it to the professionals!  I have now been using this for about three years, before the Liquid Gold really became known, and I found it to immediately help my troubled skin: smoother skin, breakouts diminished and scars faded.  Liquid Gold I find can be used in two ways: as a maintenance a few nights a week, or as I use it, as an intensive treatment every night for a week.  From Vichy, I have two offerings - the Idealia Pro Serum and the Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream.  These two products are soft in texture, with a view to help tone and texture, as well as radiance of the skin.  The serum is the more intense of the two, focused mainly on the eradication of hyperpigmentation, and the cream focuses on adding illuminating properties to the skin.  I turn to the cream for nights and days when my skin just looks haggard and tires and more or less just old - it adds radiance and is such a comfort blanket to the skin.  The serum is one that I'm not sure how it's working, but I tend to find it just is working - it imparts some blurring/ softening effects to the skin.  The small blue pot is L'occitane, and is part of the Immortelle range: it was a sample in Harpers Bazaar last month, and is a very rich, thick cream that I use sparingly and occasionally.  It is more suited to drier skin types, and as such I use it if my skin gets to the point of extreme dehydration (I tend to avoid getting to this stage).  The Garnier Anti-Dark Spot is a bit of a multi-use product: it is both moisturiser and treatment in one.  At the moment, I am not using it as I am currently on a hydration-blitz of my skin.
In terms of items I mix into my skincare to add brightness, I find Benefit's That Gal and the Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm to be the best of the bunch: both impart a glow to the skin, and I tend to mix these into my foundation, as opposed to adding them as another layer of skincare, as this tends to blend the radiance seamlessly into the skin.
Last of all we come to what I find to be the real heroes of any brightening edit: the oils.  Rosehip oil is renowned as being brilliant at tackling hyperpigmentation and scars.  Sweet Almond oil is know to be a brightening agent, as almonds are used in various forms to brighten the skin.  These two, used together, or alternately aid in the brightening, the toning, and the re-texturising of the skin.
I hope this gave you an idea of the brightening products available!
Love A.x