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Today let's explore the not-so-wonderful world of the "Meh" products.  You know - the ones that aren't terrible, but aren't amazing. The ones that you don't think are doing anything, but are nice enough.  I tend not to like to claim any product is a write-off, and that is definitely the case here: these products are fine products - they do what they are intended to do, just not in a brilliant way.
L'oreal Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash
I purchased this along with the 15 Second Cleansing Oil from L'oreal - a product I absolutely adore.  The Purifying Gel Wash is a perfectly nice product, a "sturdy" product that really helps to take off the make up, but that is about all it does.  Perfect for a first cleanse, and to really get the make up off of your face - it is soft, creamy, and a nice cleanser, but nothing special.  Does it's job, but not sure that it particularly purifies the skin.
La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat
So, my problem with this is that it doesn't do what it says.  It is a perfectly fine moisturiser, but on my own face, the "Mat" claim just isn't lived up to - in fact I know of some not matte face creams that keep shine at bay better than this!  For a cream that has a less wet texture, one would expect it to keep the face shine-free.
Garnier Moisture Match
Again, like the Effaclar Mat, this is specifically for oily skins, and like the Effaclar, it just doesn't seem to work.  This has a drier texture that the Effaclar, and seems to only superficially moisturise the skin.  Now, even with my oily skin, I find that this has neither enough moisture for my skin, nor enough mattifying properties to keep it shine-free.
Garnier Pure Active
Another face wash falling into the realms of the L'oreal Purifying Gel Wash.  In my opinion, this just has the edge over the L'oreal, mainly because it has a menthol feel to it that helps the face to actually feel refreshed at the end of the cleanse.  It is very good at taking of make-up, so this combined with the refreshment actually makes it less of a meh product, but it isn't anything hugely special, but a good staple for a first cleanse!
And here are the make-up bits:
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