Hola Munchkins!
Soap and Glory's Peaches and Clean was probably the first cleanser I ever truly loved.  Since then I've had my fair share of dalliances and fancies - namely Elemis Tri-Enzyme, L'oreal's 15 Second Cleansing Oil, and Clarins more basic, but essential range.  But, after being sent a bottle of the newly reformulated and repackaged potion that is the amazing Peaches and Clean, I can honestly tell you that this girl's first love is still her true love!
Truth be told, the first time I ever picked this up was hugely to do with judging a book by it's cover, coupled with the fact that it was on offer.  Despite these shallow first moments, it was love at first cleanse, and remained that way for around a year, until my ridiculously fickle mind just for no reason at all fancied a change.  
Some people say that a change is as good as a rest, and for a time, that was true to an extent, but after a change on often craves the comfort of the familiar.  Now, I didn't even realise I craved the familiar until approximately one week ago when I pumped out the Peaches and Clean and smoothed it onto my face.  Hello old friend indeed!  From the second it touched my face I just knew this had returned to be my most-loved and most oft-used of cleansers!
With the same juicy peach smell, a slightly looser texture - perfect for a more efficient massage - and a little bit more of a tingle on the skin, the new Peaches and Clean is definitely proving it's worth.  After just 2 days of use, my skin looked obviously brighter, more even-toned and clearer!
Love A.x