Hola Munchkins!
Now, today is all about speed - the quick fixes for congested, breaking-out, rough skin: the clay masks.  I am a real mask connoisseur, and these two, although probably the cheapest of my collection, are the two I find myself turning to again and again and again.
The 5 Minute Facial Mask from Good Things is a really thick bu spreadable clay mask that sets to the kind of "OhmygodIcan'tlaughincaseIcrackmymask" type of hardness.  The smell is beautiful, fruity and refreshing, which makes it seem truly luxurious.  I love the fact that it contains no nasties, so I know it is putting goodness into my skin without any adverse effects.  The oil control properties are lovely: controlling without stripping the skin at all.  It also smoothes the skin whilst deep cleansing.
The Superdrug 3 Minute Oil Control Mask is simple, basic and effective.  Without any perceivable scent, basic white clay with a hint of green, this mask deep cleanses, softens and reduces breakouts, all in a miraculous 3 minutes!
Both of these are absolutely brilliant, pulling their weight with the RENs of the world!
Love A.x