Hola Munchkins,
Today I have for you a straight up review of one of my favourite type of product: the oil.  I have been an avid fan of oils - moisturising, soothing, cleansing - for a fair old while now.  I learnt quite early on that the right kind of oils help to rebalance an oily complexion, and help to penetrate deep down to aid any dehydration within the skin's layers.  Now, as I am the owner of an Asian complexion, the pitfalls of which include the ability to easily scar and tendency to be hyperpigmented, I couldn't wait to get hold of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil.  
Rosehip Oil is renowned for its healing and brightening properties: it has the ability to fade all types of hyperpigmentation, including scars.  The liquid itself is a vivid golden-yellow that looks ultimately luxurious upon first sight, and lives up to it's luxurious promises!  The oil is unctious, it is soft, and just slippery enough to allow you to massage this into the skin very well.
The pipette applicator makes it feel both ultimately professional, and hygienic.  I tend to apply 3-4 drops onto the back of my hand, and use a fingertip to spread it all over my lovely face, then really massage it in use my fingertips.  The massage aspect really helps to relax both the face and mind, and the smell uplifts the spirits!  Immediately skin is nourished and full of moisture, although it doesn't look greasy or oily as this particular oil leaves me with a demi-matte sheen to the skin.  Over time, the oil really helps to even out the skin tone, patches of pigmentation and scars left over from spots fade quantitatively.  I really do love this oil, and feel it would last an incredibly long time!
Hope this was helpful!
Love A.x